Our payout day is coming closer everyday, and we expect atleast 70% of our members to get paid on that day. It has come to our knowledge that some members haven’t reach the minimum payout yet so we decided to increase members earnings. Before now members get #50 per post, #50 for daily login, #5 per comment, and other activities, but presently you would experience a very big difference on your earnings, Now you get ×2 of everything you get before, you now get #100 for each news you post here, commenting on latest news now gives you #10, your referral earnings got increased to $3 per referral, and some other activities earning got increased also, this is only done because we want you to get part of our revenue share this week, so kindly start your activities and meet up with our minimum payout so as to get paid on 8th of this month.

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_Current Earning Table

What We Pay For Activities Earning

Below is a table showing the exact money members earn from the activities they carry out on News4all.

Illustration Of Below Form - The '#` sign you find just after a certain number signifies a currency which is "Naira" while the '$` signifies another currency which is "Dollar".

This offer is just a give away offer, because we want everyone to get part of our revenue share this week, so therefore this offer will only be lasting this week! And again minimum payout is reduced to $10 for activities earning, while affiliate earning remains $2.

-Happy New Month!


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