What is News4all

News4all earning forum is a news publication platform that pays her members for activities that is being carried out on the site. Activities that pays includes reading news, commenting on news and topics, sharing news on various social medias, publishing latest news and much more. With News4all Bloggers, Web owners, and news publishers can also drive millions of users to their sites, blogs, pages and much more.

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Who Is This Program For & Why You Should Join News4all Earning Opportunity ???

As long as you make expenses everyday, you can take part in News4all earning opportunity.  This equal opportunity is for all be you a Students, Hustler, Youth corpers, Stay-at-home mum, Unemployed, Fresh Graduates, House wives, Bloggers, Self employed or anyone who wish to make money online. News4all doesn’t come with any requirements, the only thing you need here to start getting an income from us is just an internet access which I think you already have so kindly scroll down below and hit the sign up button to start earning.  We have a very good affiliate opportunity for you to take advantage of your environment, your families and friends, even Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media contact and make money for yourself.
Don’t allow the economy situation of the country to put your back on the ground. seize the opportunity and make good use of it. News4all Earning Opportunity has come to stay for everyone from every part of the world who wish to earn online.

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Is News4all Legitimate

For those wondering whether this program is a scam. The answer is capital NO! News4all program is not and can never be a scam, and is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme either.

What’s minimum Earnings for payments??

Our Minimum Payout for Activities Earnings remains $15, while affiliate earnings is as low as $3.

How do I Register people on News4all and get my Referral Bonus ???

After a successful logged in, click On “Affiliate Area” on Menu, then you will find your referral link just beneath your affiliate earnings, then hit on the copy to clipboard button.

Is Sponsored Post Compulsory

No is not, Nothing here is compulsory, so if you don’t feel like earning from sponsored posts you can easily skip it.

Membership activities, posting, sponsored post sharing and commenting:

Administrators, Editors, Moderators and robots reserve the right to approve or disapprove contents or comments posted on news4all . As News4all member, you will only earn and get a revenue shared paid to your bank account when you abide by the following rules:

Irrelevant contribution (comment) e.g: one word, hmmm, ok, lol, etc and a single line of the same sentence on all post or comments not related to subject matters are not allowed. They will be trashed and you will not earn.

Consistent irrelevant post of comments by a user and inappropriate behaviour may result in suspension or termination of membership and forfeiture of members unredeemed earnings.

Sponsored post sharing must correspond with the post date and must be shared as recommended.

How Can I share sponsored post ???

Go to your dashboard click on sponsored post then Download the images of sponsored post for that day, copy the Text and post on your Facebook Timeline.

Do I Get Paid without referrals .

Yes you always get what you worked for, so therefore getting referrals shouldn’t be an hindrance to your payments

When do News4all pays ???

We pay Activities earnings on monthly basis, While affiliate earnings is paid to members just immediately after their withdrawal.

How Much Do News4all Pays Per Referral

News4all has a very good affiliate earnings for her members, So we give out $3 money per referral.

How Much Is The Onetime Fee

The Onetime fee remains #1500 ($5) and the good part of it is that news4all gives all members the opportunity to pay it when they wish to withdraw their earnings to their bank account.


Different Eligible Ways Members Gets Paid on News4all Income Forum??

  1. Bank transfer
  2. Payoneer
  3. Payza
  4. Bitcoin
  5. PayPal
  6. Skrill
  7. Paytm
  8. Google pay

Who Can Join This Amazing Opportunity.

Internet Users from all over the world is highly welcome to News4all earning forum, irrespective of your country you can take part on our activities and get paid for it, we do supports different foreign payments so you would definitely get paid.

News4all Earning Forum is an opportunity for worldwide. So we welcome in Ghana, South Africa , Nigeria, USA,  India, Canada, France, Pakistan, north America, Greenland E.T.C