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People have been complaining about Glo Network is some location but something exclusive is coming soon from Glo New Reward Promo


am sure Glo is preparing something initiative let watch out coming soon.


We can’t tell what the promo will be like


but I think since Airtel has become


the Second Largest in the Telecomm Industry

that is why are they also working really hard to produce something great.


As for me, I see it as a Marketing Strategy – Glo New Reward Promo


Feelers from the company indicate that


finishing touches have been put to a massive consumer


promo designed to significantly empower


subscribers who have supported the telecom company with patronage.


The promo will create thousands of Nigerian


entrepreneurs by doling out tools of the trade and


other equipment that can be useful for establishing businesses.

Globacom has already commenced a teaser


campaign to sensitize members of the public for the arrival of the promo.


The campaign promises telecom users that their lives will never be the same after taking part in the promo.


According to Glo New Reward Promo (Globacom),

“The promo is designed to empower Nigerians to create wealth


and even become employers of labor rather than dishing out money to them.


The trade-establishment tools to be won


are such that will have a direct bearing on the people.


It promises to be the most exciting


people-focused empowerment promo we have activated.


Nigerians should not miss the promo for anything”,


This is coming after losing the second-largest telecom


subscriber’s base position to Airtel Nigeria.


So get ready for the shocks Glo is about to send…

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